Transition Team

Letter From Our President and Principal

The Transition Team will serve to identify and address all challenges and opportunities that might occur as we shift to a model in which girls are admitted to Archbishop Riordan High School.  The team is structured to handle issues in the areas of academics, student life, campus ministry, scheduling, single-gender classes, professional development opportunities, community outreach, marketing, and strategic planning.  We will also seek the advice of a transition consultant as well as educational professionals who have experience in the single-gender to co-educational conversion. 

We are committed to administering a smooth transition that results in a stronger Riordan for both girls and boys. 

Andrew Currier, President
Tim Reardon, Principal


Natalia Girlich
Admissions, Mercy High School

Joan McGrath
Former Principal, Catholic Schools Consultant

Janet Reilly
Bay Scholars

Michelle Levine
Principal—St. Ignatius, Mercy Grad

Transition Team

Diana Assereto

New Faculty Coordinator, Former Department Chair, Mercy SF Grad

  • Onboard new teachers
  • Work to welcome transfer students
Danny Curtin '08

Director of Admissions

  • Process transfer applications
  • Marketing and communications
Mary Dalton

English Department Chair, The Grail Moderator, Cross Country Coach

  • Liaison with Athletics and Student Affairs to ensure a smooth co-ed transition
Alex Datoc '87

Director of Campus Ministry

  • Reimagine retreat program
  • Manage the co-ed integration of Lancers and choir
Brian Kelly

Director of Student Affairs

  • Work with CCS/CIF commissioners and the House Provincials to ensure the girls are placed prudently
Joey Klobas '07

Student Activities Coordinator, House Director

  • Work with provincials and counseling on MGM
  • Place girls in houses
Gloria Liu

Director of Finance

  • Oversee tuition discounting policies
Stephanie Lundin

RSP Instructor, House of Pilar Provincial, Master Calendar

  • Help create a bell schedule that includes a double-lunch
Vanessa Martinez

Acting Chair of Counseling Department

  • Hire two new counselors
  • Liaison with House leadership to incorporate wellness into MGM
  • Consult with co-ed transition experts
Jay'Sen Morris '07

Director of Athletics

  • Manage the addition of girls sports teams
  • Coordinate practice schedules
Michael O'Brien

Dean of Academics, Director of Professional Development, PowerSchool Manager

  • Schedule all students
  • Manage transfer transcripts
  • Organize co-ed PD workshops
Sally O'Connell

Admissions Assistant

  • Process new students
  • Assist in welcoming strategies
Brandon Ramsey

Director of Facilities

  • Bathroom and locker room renovations
John Ring

Director of Development

  • Facilitate strategies to continue the financial growth of the school
  • Oversee advancement communications to the community
Viggen Rassam '87

Veteran Teacher, Schoology Manager

  • Help transition new students' devices
  • Set up new students on Schoology
Nate Simon '99

Director of RSP

  • Work with Danny on recruitment to RSP
  • Organize the structure of a co-ed RSP
Benny Willers '08

House Director, Head Cross Country Coach

  • Work with provincials and counseling on MGM
  • Place girls in houses
Juan Zumbado '98

Dean of Discipline

  • Work with HR to organize the search for a second Dean of Discipline
  • Aid facilities in creating office space for the new position