Parent Pledge

The true cost to educate your child is more than tuition alone.

Riordan's partnership with parents is vital to the educational experience of every student. It provides the financial support needed to fully fund our outstanding programs, and offer the best campus environment for our students to develop and thrive.

Riordan families are asked to contribute to the Parent Pledge Program with a four-year contribution of $1,500 per year, per child.  Families with the financial capacity are invited to give more with suggested giving levels of $3,000 or $5,000 annually. 

Please complete the form below to set up your tax-deductible pledge on behalf of your son or daughter. This is a multi-year commitment during your child's time at Riordan. 

Those who pledge $3,000 or higher annually will be invited to our Annual President's Reception.

Crusader Circle $500 monthly or $5,000 annually    $20,000 Total
President's Circle $300 monthly or $3,000 annually    $12,000 Total
Chaminade Society $150 monthly or $1,500 annually    $6,000 Total
Purple & Gold Club $75 monthly or $750 annually    $3,000 Total
Friends of Riordan $25 monthly or $250 annually    $1,000 Total

More Information

For additional questions about the Parent Pledge Program, please contact:

Ms. Anne Seppi

Director of Annual Giving
415-586-8200 ext. 217