Clubs and Activities

Find new interests. Meet new friends. Gain valuable leadership experience.

Students are encouraged to join as many clubs and activities as possible during their time at Riordan! These co-curricular experiences are opportunities to ignite new passions, meet new classmates, and gain valuable leadership experience. Clubs meet during the school day, after school and for select weekend outings. 

Have an idea for a club? Contact Director of Athletics and Student Life, Mr. Brian Kelly,

Club Spotlight


Beyond the classroom there are many opportunities for students to engage their artistic sides. The Art Club is not just for those who can draw, paint, or create sculptures. The Art Club is for anyone who LOVES art, whether you enjoy making it, looking at it, or discussing it.
All levels of artistic ability and/or interest are welcome. The Club makes banners for school masses and prayer services, collaborates with other clubs and student government on signs and posters, draws pastel murals at the front of the school to promote the Fall Play and Spring Musical, and paints window murals. In between major collaborative projects, Art Club members spend time creating their own work, both for their own development and often for local, regional, and national art contests.

Mr. Irman Arcibal, 

BSU (Black Student Union)

The Black Student Union is committed to intellectual, cultural, social and ethnic diversity. Our focus is to build awareness, education, and a new level of consciousness about being a young black man in today's society while following our Marianist principles. We aim to teach others about diversity through engaging in activities focused around acceptance and tolerance. BSU is open to all students and has been a part of Riordan's community for decades. 

Ms. Vanessa Martinez,
Mr. Jay’Sen Morris,


Students in this club learn the basic skills of DJing, including blending, remixing, producing, and song selection. Throughout the year, the DJ Club provides music for dances, sporting events, celebrations, other school-wide events, and during select lunches. The club also visits a few local radio stations every year (including most recently at 99.7) to learn about the music industry from the Bay Area’s best DJs themselves and gain “on air” experience.

Mr. Jon Aguilar,    

DJ Club at Frosh Orientation


Each year hundreds of prospective students and families come to campus, and the Knights of Riordan make sure that these visitors feel welcome and experience all that the school has to offer, representing Marianist hospitality at its best. The purpose of the Knights is to display the pride, leadership, service, and brotherhood of Riordan to the greater San Francisco community.

  • Brotherhood: highlighting the bond between students, which is fostered through dedication to serving others before self, and a respect for the integrity of the Knights of Riordan, its members past and present, and Archbishop Riordan High School. 
  • Leadership: stepping above and beyond the call of duty to represent the student body in the best way possible and to provide an excellent example.
  • Service: constantly working to serve the San Francisco community as true Crusaders.

Mrs. Sally O’Connell, 


Latinos Unidos was founded to explore different aspects of Latino culture (music, food, sports, and current events) for any and all students irrespective of cultural or ethnic background. The club is responsible for the school’s Virgin of Guadalupe Mass, and every year provides a free tamale feed for all students in the cafeteria. The atmosphere of the club is designed to provide a fun environment where students can explore Latino culture and contribute to the community. In the future, the club plans to coordinate social events like a mural tour in the Mission with the Latino Clubs of our sister schools in the Archdiocese. The club meets every other Tuesday in Room 205.

Mr. Armando Castillo, 


Revived in 2017, The Grail is a literary magazine featuring creative work from students of all grade levels (and languages!), including poetry, short stories, photography, and original artwork. Students can submit entries for consideration in mid-spring through their English teachers or through Ms. Mary Dalton. The book is published in late spring. 

Ms. Mary Dalton, 


The Movie Madness Club meets every day at lunch, where club members join in brotherhood for film appreciation. The members vote on a new movie every week and then finish the week off with some of their favorite television shows.  

Mr. Chris Fern,


The Crusader Newspaper

The mission of the Archbishop Riordan High School newspaper, The Crusader, is to inform, educate and entertain the readers—students, teachers, parents, alumni, members of the community—about issues that affect the students as well as citizens of San Francisco and the nation. We hope to instill a sense of understanding, responsibility and curiosity in our readers that results in an eagerness to learn more about their peers and the world around them. 

While this is a club, there are also two classes: Journalism, a UC “G” elective, and Advanced Journalism for editors and those who have already taken the college prep course. Members of the club are staff reporters, photographers, and editors. Each student receives a press pass, reporter’s notebook, and the opportunity to purchase a club hoodie. In addition, students can participate in field trips to local newsrooms, advertising campaigns, conventions and workshops, as well as enter contests sponsored by local, state, and national journalism organizations. 

The Crusader has a website (, Twitter @R_CrusaderNews, Instagram @rcrusadernews, and Facebook page /R Crusader Newspaper. 

Ms. Susan Sutton, 


Students learn about Filipino Culture by exploring history, food, and traditions, and in turn, share this with the Riordan Community by offering food workshops once a semester. PAC is also a networking tool as many of our events include students from other Filipino clubs from other schools. 

Mr. Jon Aguilar,


The R-Cade Club meets every other week after school and is an inclusive, fun community of video games enthusiasts. The club cultivates a community of students who enjoy video games and other forms of digital entertainment and media, without competitive pressure. 

Mr. Chris Fern, 


The Robotics Club is open to anyone interested in Robotics! Students learn coding, engineering, and management skills, and train to compete at events in the Bay Area.



Our clubs and activities are a chance for students to explore their hidden talents and gifts outside of the classroom.

Director of Athletics and Student Life, Mr. Brian Kelly