A retreat is a special time set aside for getting to know oneself, others, and God in a deeper way.

It is a time of sharing with others within a group, so that through interaction and communication one can understand the role God and others play in our lives.


This special one-day retreat and year-long program is designed to aid the freshmen during their first year by introducing the culture and climate of our school. This retreat takes place during Freshman orientation, and the program meets four times per year to reinforce support, engagement, and brotherhood.


This overnight retreat in the Marin Headlands challenges sophomores to get to know each other in a deeper way, by discussing the common issues they face as growing teenagers. Students begin to build a community of acceptance and unity which they bring back to school life.

2 Offered Per Year


This three-day, two-night retreat is for juniors who wish to have an extended experience away from their usual environment. Juniors develop a deeper sense of community and appreciation of the gifts God has given them, and how they will utilize their gifts and talents back at home, at school, in the local community and in the world. 

2 Offered Per Year


Kairos is the culmination of all retreats during a student’s time at Riordan. It is an experience involving the deepest kind of introspection and sharing. Talks and small group discussions facilitated by faculty and young-adult Riordan alumni give a Senior time to examine his values and ideals, and focus on his relationship with God, with his family, and himself in preparation for the future.

Riordan was one of the first high schools in the Bay Area to offer Kairos, a tradition that is now 33 years strong, and graduates consistently rank Kairos as the top experience during their years at Riordan.

3 Offered Per Year

Sophomore Retreat

The essential is in the interior. To strengthen the interior life, we provide time for nurturing habits of silence and reflection.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
Founder of the Marianist Order