Campus Ministry

The philosophy of the Campus Ministry and Community Service Learning department is rooted in the foundational charisms of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and Marianist education:

  • Educate for formation in faith
  • Provide an integral quality education
  • Education in family spirit
  • Educate for service, justice & peace
  • Education for adaptation & change

Education for faith formation ranks first among these distinctive characteristics. Through daily prayer, retreats, Christian outreach, community service, and youth ministry leadership, our Campus Ministry Program strives to help each individual develop his own spirituality while strengthening his faith in God. A large number of students are actively involved in Campus Ministry leadership activities, and most students will attend at least one retreat before they graduate.

A Call to Service
The scriptures call us to live the Gospel message of service, which we answer through community outreach programs. Each student must fulfill 100 hours of community service before graduating. Our community service learning program reinforces the gifts of a Marianist education, and enables students to realize that they have the power to shape their communities.

Additionally, each month as a community Riordan focuses on a different social issue. We have two blood drives each school year, an AIDS Penny Drive, a Food Drive in November, and a Toy Drive in December. Some of our Spring events include supporting Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya, and an immersion and a home rebuilding trip to New Orleans (pictured above).

Thank you for your continual support of our ministries with the young men of Riordan.

Peace and Blessings,

Alex Datoc ‘87
Director of Campus Ministry and Community Service Learning
(415)586-8200 ext 221

The essential is in the interior. To strengthen the interior life, we provide time for nurturing habits of silence and reflection. – Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Founder of the Marianist Order

Christian Community Service Learning Requirement
Students are required to complete a total of 100 hours of service, which includes a minimum of 50 SHED hours. “SHED” refers to community service completed directly with the Sick, Homeless, Elderly, and Disabled. These are communities that are sometimes underserved and forgotten, so it is our calling as a Catholic Marianist school to reach out to these communities in the Archbishop Riordan family spirit. Given this community need, all CCSL requirements can be met by completing only SHED service. View upcoming service opportunities here

Please see this document that lists required hours by division, a list of SHED suggested sites, and definition of Support hours.

Recording Community Service Hours
All service hours must be documented by both the student and supervisor at the service organization. Students should coordinate with their service supervisor to fill out the Christian Community Service Learning Report Form that gives a detailed overview of the work performed and evaluation from the supervisor.

To Turn In:

  • Students must attach their completed and signed CCSL report form through their x2VOL Log In, an online CCSL record and verification system.
  • For detailed instructions on how to submit, please see this x2vol Cheat Sheet.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that this form is completed, signed by the verifying supervisor, and promptly turned in to Campus Ministry; failure to do so will result in not receiving credit for the service hours performed.