Sports Performance

Keeping students healthy and fit for competition is our priority.

Strength and Conditioning

We believe that strength, speed and conditioning is the key to a successful athletic career at Archbishop Riordan High School. The major goal of the Crusader Strength and Conditioning Program is to provide to our competitive athletes the means to not only strengthen their physical body but also develop the attitude, work ethic, mental toughness, discipline and pride to achieve success. 

Athletes will train consistently, sensibly, and systematically over a structured and designated period of time, in a safe, clean, and professional environment to prevent injuries and enhance performance. 

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training team at Riordan works closely with players and coaches to make sure athletes stay in peak performance for competition, and take the proper steps to heal, treat and prevent injuries. Athletic Trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis/examination, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. 

Evidence Speaks for Itself, ATs Reduce Risk

Participating in any athletic activity comes with a risk. Although rare, sudden death and catastrophic injury can occur in youth sports. Having an AT onsite allows for immediate response if a life-threatening or emergency situation arises. ATs work with coaches, administrators and other staff to mitigate risk to student athletes and the school. The AT’s primary focus is on the needs and safety of the student athlete. Visit this website for more information about the benefits of athletic training.

Student Athletic Training Opportunities 

Riordan offers an onsite sports medicine internship for students interested in the medical field or athletics where they learn CPR and emergency training, first aid and anatomy knowledge, taping and treatment techniques, and rehabilitation instruction.

Under the supervision of the Certified Athletic Trainers, students receive hands-on experiences helping during treatments, practice and competitions to support athletes and provide sideline assistance as needed. 

For more information, please have your student reach out to our athletic trainers at

Student Deadlifting

Crusader Strong

Class Spotlight: Learn the right way to prepare your body for lifting and workouts in this class that is suitable for students of all abilities. The goal of this course is to know your body, find your weakness, improve, and maximize gains. Train in High Intensity Interval Training and core power techniques, and build slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles for endurance.

Meet Our Strength and Conditioning Coach and Head Athletic Trainer

Sabrina Bermudez

Sabrina Bermudez

Titles: Athletic Trainer
Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

Class of 2009
Titles: Strength and Conditioning Coach, PE Instructor
Anthony Rissotto

Anthony Rissotto

Class of 2017
Titles: Athletic Training