In the Marianist spirit of adaptation and change, Archbishop Riordan High School is always looking for new approaches to curriculum that provide innovative ways to challenge our students.

Given Riordan’s Bay Area location near major engineering and technology companies, our students have a natural exposure to the many career opportunities and practical applications of engineering. This interest, plus Riordan’s existing strong math and science curriculum, led Riordan to create a four-year honors engineering program with a focus on computer engineering, fabrication, and design.

My favorite project in engineering has been creating a remote controlled car. I enjoyed creating it because I could see the car coming together along the way. When I made mistakes as I built it, I learned about robotics as I fixed them.

Harrison Carpenter '22

Who Should Apply?

The Engineering Program is a highly challenging academic program fit for a mature student. Admission is based on 7th and 8th grade math and science grades, performance on standardized tests, demonstrated ability to handle a rigorous course load, and demonstrated interest in the area of engineering. In addition to taking two engineering courses each year, students are expected to take advanced math and science courses that complement the engineering offerings and prepare them for a college-level engineering major. 

Engineering Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnership with TechLX 

Riordan partners with local tech education company, TechLX, to run the engineering program. TechLX provides in-person, project-based technology education to the K-12 ecosystem through curriculum, instruction, and training. They help organizations integrate technology education into their curricula as well as develop and teach elective, after-school, and summer programs. TechLX assists not only in guiding the ever-evolving Riordan engineering program curriculum, but also in finding and training teaching staff with ties to the technology industry.

Program Overview

The scope and sequence of the Engineering Program is designed to provide maximum curriculum alignment. In the first year, students take an introductory engineering course which gives an overview of both the practical and theoretical aspects of engineering. Concurrently, they are also enrolled in Intro to Computer Programming which provides a strong technical foundation for the courses they will be taking their sophomore through senior years. Please note that as the program advances, modifications may be made to this course sequence.

Each year students will take classes to build skills across multiple disciplines, with the goal that they will graduate as proficient programmers, engineers, designers, collaborators, and problem solvers.

Engineering Student Soldering


A place where design, technology, and human innovation intersect. It is a physical space for classes, but more importantly, it is an environment for testing out ideas, collaborating with peers, and building things. Students interested in careers such as design, game and app development, and programming can develop their passions in the Makerspace. All are welcome!


  • 3D printers with Cura software
  • Laser cutter
  • CNC machine
  • Computers with Autodesk 123D software
  • Traditional carpentry tools: soldering irons, drills, hand-held sanders
  • Materials for circuit boards