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College Counseling helps students and their families research colleges, understand the application process, and provide positive support.

We officially start the college counseling process in the spring of junior year. Prior to junior year, we feel that it is important for students to focus on their academics and personal interests.

The college process is not about only grades and test scores. Colleges also care about personality traits such as honesty, resourcefulness, fairness, altruism, humor, leadership, initiative, positivity, and the ability to overcome challenges or hardship. Whatever your story may be, it is our hope that we will help you bring it out and become proud of it throughout this process. 

College Search Resource

Students are given access to SCOIR, a college network resource, to help them research college options and facilitate the college application process with our department.


Interested in meeting with our students?

Are you a college looking to present to our students this fall? Schedule a Virtual Information Session via SCOIR, or contact a member of our college counseling team directly.


We officially start the college counseling process in the spring of junior year. During this time, students are introduced to the Head of College Counseling, Mrs. Melissa Nagar, who meets with every student and/or family individually to talk about their personal goals and college options.

Junior year students are given the PSAT and Mock ACT to help prepare with college testing. We also invite students and their families to attend the San Francisco College Case Studies event, to better understand how applications are evaluated.


During senior year, the College Counselor works together with the Divisional Counselors to assist students with applying to colleges. 

The Counseling department hosts on a number of events such as Senior College/Career Work Day, mini college fairs, and College Financial Aid Night. Every fall, we also host over 50 college representatives who meet with our students to talk about their colleges and the application process.


Many talented Riordan athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level.

Riordan's college counseling team is available to answer questions about the eligibility process.

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Meet Our Head of College Counseling

Melissa Nagar

Melissa Nagar

Phone Numbers:
School: 415-586-8200 ext. 241

Recent College Acceptances

Arizona State
Boston College
Cal Poly
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Notre Dame
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Sarah Lawrence
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