Biomedical Sciences

A myriad of medical mysteries face today's scientific community. Now more than ever, the world needs innovative and proactive thinkers to create a better tomorrow.

Program Overview

The Archbishop Riordan Biomedical Sciences Program offers an honors-level science curriculum designed for dedicated students eager to explore the biomedical sciences. In addition to core science courses like biology, chemistry, and physics, students in the Biomed track will delve into specialty courses based on the award-winning Project Lead the Way curriculum. These unique courses, available only to Biomed students, use hands-on and inquiry-driven projects to showcase how fundamental science concepts relate to medical sciences. As a culmination of their studies at Riordan, seniors will enroll in a Biomed Capstone class, where they'll showcase their accumulated knowledge and skills through independent learning projects.

Program Requirements:

  • Apply to the program while applying to Riordan as an incoming freshman
  • Complete all seven science courses in the course progression (see below)
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA within program science courses and a 3.0 GPA overall
  • Complete Senior Capstone project


Program Course Progression:

  • Freshman: Honors Biology
  • Sophomores: Principles of Biomedical Sciences AND Chemistry
  • Juniors: Human Body Systems AND Physics
  • Seniors: Senior Biomed Capstone AND either AP Bio or AP Chem