Strategic Plan

A new vision for Riordan.

One of the characteristics of Marianist education is to Educate for Adaptation and Change. Doing so means that we "discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in response to the signs of the times and educate to shape the future" (Characteristics of Marianist Education, Society of Mary, 2020). Riordan has responded to this call in our transition to coeducation as well as our response to the pandemic through online education.

Currently, the school is asking the essential questions of how to run a Catholic high school that best serves the needs of our students and families here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Riordan's strategic plan will be one that guides our work in light of the current renaissance we are experiencing as a coeducational school.

The strategic planning process will be guided by the Board of Trustees' Strategic Planning Committee in collaboration with the school President and staff.


Spring 2020

  • Understand context (self-assessment, competitive comparison, and trend analysis)
  • Draft strategic focus areas
  • Establish workgroup infrastructure and leadership

Fall/Winter 2020

  • Kick-off workgroups for strategic focus areas
  • Gather data, research, discussion and build consensus

Spring 2021

  • Deliver strategic plan

Fall 2021

  • Formulate operational plan to execute strategic plan (school administration)
  • Measure and monitor (Board of Trustees)

Strategic Plan 2019

The Strategic Plan below was completed in 2019, prior to the decision to transition to coeducation. This plan was guided by the Board of Trustees' Strategic Planning Committee in cooperation with the school President. Major stakeholder groups were surveyed (including students, teachers, parents, board members, and administrators) and given opportunities to provide commentary and insight for the strategic direction of the school. The major categories of focus were Educating in the Marianist Tradition, Excellence in Academics, Student Life, Campus Enhancement, and Financial Strength at Riordan.

We invite you to review this plan as we look forward to the upcoming planning process that will result in a new strategic vision for the school in the spring of 2021.