R VOICES: Through the Lens - The Wild Birds of California

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Sabrina Chin '24 for the spectacular success of her opening exhibit, "Through the Lens - The Wild Birds of California." Sabrina's talent and dedication to capturing the beauty of California's wild birds are truly commendable. Her exquisite photography will be on display from September 27th to October 27th, between 9am - 5pm at City Hall, Room 280. 

“Since rescuing an injured Anna’s Hummingbird in elementary school with my best friend, I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of birds,” explained Sabrina. “That early experience sparked my passion for birding and, eventually, bird photography to capture their beauty.”

There are many places within San Francisco where one can capture the beauty of nature, and Sabrina shared her preferred locations for her photography. The Western Bluebirds at Fort Mason are a personal favorite, along with the Great Blue Herons nesting at Stow Lake. “I don’t have a special bird I follow, as I enjoy seeking out rare and unique species around the Bay Area, but one of my favorite birds is the Allen’s Hummingbird.” 

Looking ahead at the next chapter of her life, Sabrina discussed her goals after her time at Riordan. “I plan on continuing to pursue my passion for bird photography. I look forward to exploring new birding hotspots in Southern California, where I aspire to attend college.” Sabrina wants to major in environmental-related studies that will further her growth in this field, as she hopes to achieve a deeper understanding of bird behavior, ecology, and environmental conservation.