R Voices: Jameson Datoc '23

Jameson with Parents and Big Check

Congratulations to Jameson Datoc for receiving the Navy Reserve Officers Training Program (NROTC) Scholarship which covers 100% of his tuition as he attends the University of San Diego to study International Business. Upon receiving his bachelor's degree and completion of his required training, Jameson will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps.

“It knocked out two birds with one stone,” says Jameson, “I always wanted to be a Marine, but wanted to attend a four-year college. I was introduced to the NROTC scholarship Marine Option. This allows me to become a Marine and have the opportunity to lead and inspire those around me all while experiencing college life.”

Jameson was presented with the scholarship honor by two Marine recruiters on Senior Awards and Farewell Day. He was joined by his classmates and parents, Alex Datoc '87 (Director of Campus Ministry) and Mary Ann Datoc (Math Teacher), who also work at Riordan.  

In addition to a normal academic workload leading to a Bachelor’s degree, NROTC students attend classes in Naval Science, participate in the NROTC unit for drill, physical training, and other activities, and are generally taught the leadership principles and high ideals of a military officer.

The NROTC Scholarship requires a lot of dedication along with physical and mental strength. The 12th Marine Corps Recruiting District which covers the states of California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, and the island of Guam - selected Jameson and 72 other recipients from 224 applicants. Out of those total submissions, only 20 came from the San Francisco region, which covers Eureka to Monterey. Three of 20 come directly from the City of San Francisco, with only two students from the city being selected.  

Jameson with Marines and big check

This scholarship offers Jameson a wide range of financial benefits, such as full tuition coverage, compensation for books and fees, and a monthly stipend.

“The main purpose is that I want to earn the title US Marine,” Jameson said.

During his incredible four years at Riordan, Jameson proved himself through his heavy involvement in the school community, maintaining his academics, keeping physically fit, and most importantly, having the constant drive for improvement. His perseverance truly embodied the Marines fighting spirit, 

“It was with willingness and determination to push past my failures and come out on top,” he said.

Jameson offered some advice for interested interested in the NROTC Scholarship.

“Get involved around school and activities outside of school. I learned so much from each activity. This helped me develop into the person who I am today," he said. "But before anything your grades must be your first priority.”