2018 Summer Reading


Welcome to the 2018 Summer Reading page!

Summer Reading Instructions
1. Students should choose one title to read. View the full list of summer reading titles here.
2. Freshmen and Sophomores may choose any book from the list; Juniors and Seniors may choose ONLY from the Upper Division list.
3. All students are required to complete a Summer Reading Analysis Assignment that is due the first day of classes in August. Download instructions for this assignment here.

Where to Purchase Books
Summer reading books can be purchased through the following link on Amazon or Riordan’s Virtual Bookstore. You may also check out available copies from any of the branch libraries at the San Francisco Public Library. If you live outside of SF, check your local library for available copies.

AP English Literature and Composition
Students enrolled in this course for the 2018-19 school year can download the Summer Reading/Pre-Course Assignment here. This packet includes a reading list, detailed instructions for the assignments, and information about starting your College Personal Statements/Essay. All items are due the first day of classes in August.

Students enrolled in this AP English course are not required to do the general Riordan summer reading assignment; they only need to complete the assignment for AP English Literature and Composition. Books (including new and used options) can be purchased through Riordan’s Virtual Bookstore.