Ryan Sorgie ’17 enjoys participating in different activities at Riordan, but he has a strong love for swimming. Sorgie has been a swimmer for almost his entire life and has participated in competitions for about nine years, such as the Junior Olympics and Far Westerns. This year, he took on a new challenge and became the lone swimmer on the Riordan team, competing for the first time in the WCAL. Coached by American Sign Language instructor Thomsen Young, Sorgie boasted a strong season, and narrowly missed qualifying for CCS competition.

Sorgie said, “It’s cool because I’m putting a stepping stone down in a line for other Riordan swimmers and helping the program to grow and showing that it’s a sport that has potential.” Though Sorgie is the sole swimmer of the team, he does not take it easy. For six days a week, he does morning workouts before school (5:00 – 7:00 am) and in the evening after school (5:00 – 7:00 pm). Most of his training consists of different cross fit workouts and laps.

Even though swimming takes over a lot of Sorgie’s life, he still enjoys it, and wouldn’t trade his time in the pool for anything. “I enjoy the dedication it takes,” Sorgie said. “I like challenging myself harder and trying to be better than I was yesterday, and I like the [race itself]. Swimming is a thrill.”

Sorgie will attend California Lutheran University in Southern California this fall, but his story will inspire not only future Crusader swimmers, but others looking to dive in to new activities.

Adapted from an article in The Crusader by Rodney Martinez ’17.