175 Phelan Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94112
(415) 586-8200
Contact Archbishop Riordan High School

Street Address:
175 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Telephone: (415) 586-8200
Fax: (415) 587-1310

President: Mr. Joseph Conti (ext. 231, jconti@riordanhs.org)

Principal: Mr. Vittorio Anastasio '84, (ext. 223, vanastasio@riordanhs.org)

Dean of Students: Mr. Juan Zumbado (ext. 251, jzumbado@riordanhs.org)

Name Department Title Extension
Aguilar, Jonathan Counselor-Juniors Counselor-Juniors 502
Ahlbach, John English Instructor 301
Alvarado, Virginia Administrative Support Assistant 250
Anastasio, Vittorio Administration Principal 223
Appel, Daniel Library Assistant Librarian 396
Arcibal, Irman Visual & Performing Arts Instructor 369
Arias, Danny Director of Guidance, Counselors-Seniors Counselor-Juniors 224
Assereto, Diana English Instructor 215
Barbosa, Betta Admissions Director of International Admissions 406
Baccari, Stephen Theology Instructor 355
Bargshady, Nazila Math/Science Instructor 507
Bastianon, Maria Administrative Support Assistant 249
Castillo, Armando Modern Languages Instructor 376
Cayabyab, Patrick Visual & Performing Arts Instructor  
Cobb, David Math and Science Instructor 394
Cockrell, George Visual & Performing Arts Instructor 229
Conti, Joseph President's Office President 231
Curtin, Danny Science Instructor 381
Dalton, Mary RSP, English Instructor 374
Dalton, Robert English Instructor 309
Daly, Patrick Development Director 264
Datoc, Alex Campus Ministry/ Community Service Director of Campus Ministry/
Community Service
Datoc, Mary Ann Mathematics Instructor 323
DeSaulnier, Ted Theology Instructor 313
Dillon, Frances Administration Dean of Community Life 232
Dunn, Anthony 'Tony' Science Instructor 367
Dunn, Christopher Mathematics Instructor 382
Edlund, Dona Finance Assistant 227
Elu, David Modern Languages | Social Science Instructor 375
Fern, Chris Social Science Instructor 317
Fordon, Kevin Social Science Instructor 380
Freeman, Anne Mathematics Instructor 359
Fyles, Jessica RSP RSP Aide 505
Gallegos, Matt Library Services Director of Library Services 211
Gilleran, Mike Athletics Director of Athletics  
Giovannoni, csj., Sr. Joy Counselor-Freshmen Counselor 220
Grady, Meghan Residential Services Resident Assistant 399
Greene, Bob Athletics Associate Athletic Director 238
Gross, Paul Mathematics, Science Instructor 395
Grothe, Joe Residential Services Resident Assistant 397
Guevel, Kristina Campus Ministry Assistant 262
Hildebrant, Kyle Visual & Performing Arts Band Assistant 506
Huling, Richard Technology Help Desk 254
Isola, Jeff Social Science Instructor 271
Jensen, Debra Modern Languages Instructor 356
Jensen, Jennesis English Instructor 379
Keown, Dave Mathematics Instructor 383
Klobas, Joseph Visual & Performing Arts/RSP Assistant 393
Kovacich, Roxanne Finance HR, Benefit and Payroll Manager 216
Lee, John Social Science Instructor 283
Lee, Lauren Modern Languages Instructor 403
Lin, David Counseling Counselor-Sophomores 504
Loder, Kim English Instructor 315
Lundin, Stephanie Mathematics Instructor 373
McCloskey, Kacey Administration Receptionist, Database Manager 210
Mock, Chasen Science Instructor 310
Morris, Ken Mathematics Instructor 398
Nagar, Melissa Counseling Head of College Counseling 241
Nijmeh, Chanel RSP Aide 378
O'Brien, Michael Administration, Science Dean of Curriculum,
Department Chair,
O'Connell, Sally Admissions Administrative Assistant to Mr. Tate 235
O'Riordan, Valerie Visual & Performing Arts Instructor 244
Oross, Frank Physical Education Instructor 320
Oshita, Kerry Modern Languages Instructor 389
Perotti, Joseph Registrar Help Desk Assistant 254, 392
Rassam, Viggen Visual & Performing Arts, Mathematics Instructor 228
Rea, Scott Facilities Director of Plant and Facilities 245
Ritter, Jonathan Library Archivist  
Rosa, Ronald Athletics Transportation 327
Rovetti, Marc Development Director of Alumni Relations 357
Simon, Nate RSP Director of RSP 222
Siradze, Thea Residential Services, Modern Languages Director of Residential Life, Instructor 247
Souza, Scott Visual & Performing Arts Instructor 265
Stewart, David Residential Services Resident Assistant 601
Sutton, Susan English Instructor 508
Swan, Ken Theology | Social Science Instructor 352
Tate, Derek Admissions Dean of Admissions 233
Terheyden, Victoria Communications Director 266
Udovich, Sharon Development Director of Special Events 217
Uribe, Andres Religion, Social Science Instructor 358
Valverde, Ottilie Mathematics Instructor 324
Vezzali, Michael English Instructor 332
Watters, Liam Physical Education Instructor 333
Whitehouse, Gary Residential Services, Counseling Director of Boarding Program, Counselor-Freshmen 405
Willars, Benny RSP Aide 360
World, Carolyn Counseling MFT Counselor 503
Wu, John Technology IT Manager 254
Zumbado, Juan Admnistration Dean of Students 251

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